Ignite Your Business Potential at Holiday Inn Thessaloniki

Elevate Your Business Gatherings at Holiday Inn Thessaloniki

Shaping the Future Together at Holiday Inn Thessaloniki

Crafting Memorable Gatherings at Holiday Inn Thessaloniki

Experience the art of seamless event planning and execution at Holiday Inn Thessaloniki. Our refined event spaces offer a total area of 688 sqm on the first floor, bathed in natural daylight and equipped with cutting-edge technology. With a commitment to adaptability and our “Can Do” ethos, we ensure that your event, whether a corporate meeting or international conference, is flawlessly orchestrated by our friendly staff. Our versatile event rooms are your canvas, ready to transform into the perfect setting for social gatherings and celebrations, ensuring that your event becomes a cherished memory. At Holiday Inn Thessaloniki, we turn your gatherings into unforgettable moments.

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