We provide two “incharge” fast chargers of "nrg"

Fast Chargers Incharge NRG

Holiday Inn Thessaloniki provides two (2) “incharge” fast chargers of “nrg”, one of the largest network of fast chargers in Greece, at the secured indoor parking.

The “incharge” network chargers of “nrg” are amongst the most advanced chargers in Europe, capable of charging an electric vehicle up to 80% capacity in less than half an hour. 24 out of our 92 charging stations are located at motorway service stations, covering most of the National Road Network, thus making electromobility a reality for drivers.

The application for the driver

“nrg” is constantly investing in new technologies in the field of electromobility, with the aim of providing a comprehensive service to the driver who wants to switch to an electric car. The new app “incharge” is the ultimate tool for the electric vehicle driver who travels all over Greece, featuring the largest network of fast chargers. The new “incharge” application offers high-level services, such as:

  • Find a charging station
  • Find the type of charging you want
  • Monitor the charging process
  • See your charging history
  • Pay with modern payment methods such as e-wallet and credit and / or debit cards
  • Customer assistance 24/7